Science Poem PAD April 16, 2015

Reality Star

Lying on my back, the damp

grass tickled arms and legs

as my father pointed out

summer constellations. Draco

the Dragon, Andromeda,

Cassiopeia and Ursa Major

emerged from a black canvas

when he traced lines with his finger

between pricks of light. I studied

mythology, followed Orion in winter,

marveled at chartreuse aurora borealis

flames, the Perseids Meteor shower,

a comet, and the eclipse of the sun.

Astronomer, I planned, poking one eye

into a telescope at the moon’s craters,

until middle school math and science

courses broke the lens and sent me

back to earth to repair my career

optical illusion with refracting glue.

Kim King©2015


About k2king

Francophile, writer, poet, and mother of Samoyeds
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