How To Poem PAD April 10, 2015

How To Speak French

It starts with books of feathered birds or dogs

with hats and coats, some numbers, clouds, or songs

to sing, the colors, family members, frogs

that dance or dressed up cows that leap along

when someone reads aloud to you. The sounds

are silly–– nasal “n”, no final “s”

or “t,” the “r” you gargle, spit, but round

your lips for “u” while smiling big, and guess

if final “e” is silent. “Eaux” is said

like “o,” and rhymes with “beau,” but not with “eux”

or “oeuf.” Do not say “h,” and “lit” is bed,

a “j” is “g,” and “g” is “j,” but fur

is “poil” and fire is “feu.” The words will flow

with language skills to parlez-vous français.

Kim King © 2015


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Poeming to save myself
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