Driving With a Friend

While you are driving a car, please
look at the road.  Oh, the purple
loosestrife is blooming now–– there,
in the ditch. You are missing
the blackbird on the barbwire
fence.  See the male bluebird
on the box? He has a grasshopper
in his beak.  Over that next rise
is Miller’s cornfield.  Good crop
this year.  Roll down your window
and smell the fresh manure from Fry’s
dairy farm. Nothin’ like it.  Remember
when their milk came in the glass
bottles with cream on top?  We used
to spoon it off.  Oh, don’t forget
their homemade ice cream. Man,
that was creamy and delicious!
We sat on those swivel stools
at the oak counter and watched
the milking machines fill the tin jugs.

I sure wish you were sitting here, next
to me, but you texted and crashed
your Mustang into that stone wall.

© 2011 Kim King


About k2king

Francophile, writer, poet, and mother of Samoyeds
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3 Responses to Driving With a Friend

  1. yuuki-chan says:

    All the imagery has gone into my head and I am now craving for a glass of warm milk and homemade ice cream. 🙂

  2. haggishead says:

    I really enjoyed the read 🙂

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