Message in a Wine Bottle

The ink had dried, cursive letters swirled
over parchment–– frosting decorating a cake
without candles.  He rolled the paper, a telescope,
aimed it at the sea, and then sealed it with red wax
that she had bought him in Florence.  He smelled
the crema on the espresso and her Versace perfume,
always that perfume! Notes of citrus and jasmine
over sandalwood.  He sniffed the paper.
It was still there, embedded in the fibers.
He took the empty bottle of Brunello and stuffed
the roll inside. Plunk, it hit the bottom, the green glass
thick and cold.  He held the stained cork, squeezed,
turned and used both hands to push it down.
He picked up the bottle, placed it in the wine rack,
replacing the Medoc.  He uncorked the red,
poured it into a balloon-shaped glass, and swirled it.

© 2011 Kim King


About k2king

Poeming to save myself
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12 Responses to Message in a Wine Bottle

  1. K. McGee says:

    Your words transported me into the vision with all of senses! Bravo!

  2. Kim Nelson says:

    Like an illustration. The details made the scene so clear, and so enticing. I wanted to be there, see, smell, taste…

  3. Teri C says:

    Ah, all those beautiful aroma scenting the air and your words.

  4. Jingle says:

    welcome to poets…

    stunning blog and lovely poem,
    hope that you have fun.

    • k2king says:

      Thanks! I’ve been posting on WD Poetic Asides for the past three years, during April’s PAD contest and finally decided to step out. I appreciate your confidence and really like the chance to connect with all these other poets!

  5. Amropali says:

    I love the images.


    getting a message in a bottle is actually on my wishlist.

  6. Bodhirose says:

    Everything was here–the visual, the smell, sound of the sea and the touch of him using both hands to insert that cork–done brilliantly. Just gorgeous.

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