Three clunky hand thrown pottery mugs
count morning cups of coffee. Two crumpled
paper napkins rest on mustard yellow plates
smeared with currant jelly with one reused
knife and spoon.  A week’s pile of mail,
some screws and a beige plastic switch plate
lay inside the glass bowl centerpiece. Toast
crumbs sprinkle the paisley tablecloth, sticking
to his elbow. He flips through the channels
needing voices, and pets the dog with his foot.

© 2011 Kim King


About k2king

Poeming to save myself
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5 Responses to Table

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  2. Kay Salady says:

    Reality brings forth its audience. And so, it has! Thank you!

  3. Jingle says:

    love your work.

    have fun.

  4. dswan2 says:

    You are a very, very visually oriented poet, Kim! You paint pictures with words and we follow where you point. Your words are well crafted and I suspect flow much more easily than we think.

    • k2king says:

      I thank you for you kind words. I do like to work with words. They are like a puzzle that I try to fit together, i appreciate your comments.

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