Maybe God Went Out For Lunch

Just maybe God went out to lunch and flipped
the sign to “Back in Ten”.  He might have turned
into a shop to fix the soles of shoes
or needed polish, laces, and a shine,
before he strolled on down the street to Joe’s.
Well, maybe God was chatting when he placed
his order there, “No mayo, please, put cheese
inside, and mustard cannot touch the bread.”
The sandwich came with pickles, chips and slaw,
but God was testy when the yellow oozed
into the rye.  He spoke to Joe, who made
it right and wrapped it up to go.  So, God
returned an hour late to notes attached
with tape––“Please help us, Lord, we need you now
to save our wretched hides. We came for you,
but you were gone, our prayers–– wasted calls.”

© 2011  Kim King


About k2king

Poeming to save myself
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