“…the largest city of Côte d’Ivoire, is considered
to be the economic capital of the country.”

Djeneba introduces us to Africa, her home.
With flashing teeth and braided cornrows,
she invites us to meet her family, see their
pagnes* and taste the aloco*, how good!
The video highlights the market.  She shops
for peanut paste, a fish, and onions, following
her mother’s list for sauce arachide*.

She forms balls for foutou*, sets the table
(without silverware) on a fabric-covered cloth,
and they eat right-handed, dipping plantains
in sauce. “Is she safe?” I wonder. Djeneba says,
“Bonjour!” The smoke and flames swirl near
where she stood and waved, big eyes smiling
to Americans in level I French, cities intact.

© 2011 Kim King

* pagnes are colorful dyed fabric wraps that women wear
* aloco, a popular snack food in the Ivory Coast, is a dish
of fried plantains eaten with a spicy sauce.
*sauce arachide is a sauce made with peanut butter with beef,
chicken, or fish, peppers, garlic, onions and tomatoes.
*foutou, the national dish of Ivory Coast, is a paste made
from boiled plantains, manioc or yams.

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